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Jun 22, 2012 | 2:35 AM | 0 comments
Recently a friend of mine got into an accident and it got me worrying because she's terrified. Thank god she is alright. Her dad came into rescue somehow. I've been into few minor accidents and car malfunctioned moments because I'm driving a 1996 Toyota Corolla. Not that I hate my car, just that its causing me much trouble. I now have few experiences of being stranded in the middle of highways, slopes, traffic light etc. The problem here is whether I have somebody to rely on whenever I got stuck in the middle of nowhere. My friend had her father, even if he showed up like an hour later. My mom has got no car at home and the only person to rely on is my dad. The main reason why him is because he has experience in dealing with car parts. He would know what is wrong with my car. All I can say is whenever I'm in trouble with my car, I called him, and he would have no choice to show up and save the day. But in a angry manner. The Hulk came into my mind immediately. See? I don't know why he would get so pissed at me. I mean..is he pissed at me or he's pissed for having me as his daughter?

There's one great day, well not really. The rain was pouring like cats and dogs and I was supposed to fetch the bf from the train station. Guess what, the wiper stopped moving. I went blind immediately like literally. I lost control and started swirling left and right, I can hear cars honking at me. I did what I was supposed to do. Stopped at a safe place. Was at Duke Highway during peak season. I waited for the rain to stopped but it didn't. So I called my mom, "Mom, the wiper has stopped moving. Do not tell dad. Just tell me what to do." Because I totally knew my dad will blow up if he knew. But my mom told my dad anyway because she didn't know what to do. I went out to check the wiper and still not working. A random cyclist stopped and asked am I alright. He's worried for my safety because I'm alone. Many things happened in such short time. In the end my dad HAS to come and save the day. His face like this..

Like literally. I mean it!

I'm jealous of my friend because they have a great relationship with her dad. I don't have it. Not only once my dad came to save me with hulk emotion. There's many more. Even my mom!! Her tyre punctured and he drove recklessly to save my mom and never spoke to my mom for weeks. I mean, is that reasonable? Frankly speaking, I will never marry a man like this. With bad temper, my life would be ruined. I'm already an emotional person, not to add with a negative person in my life. I'll be in mental hospital by 40.

I miss my A Level friends.

I have an assignment due next week. Its about Sexism and Racism between workplace and schools. Sexism in school will be a harder task for me because I never know anything about it. I've been in a girl school since standard 1 until i graduate high school. God save me because I want to score on this subject. 

Many more thoughts are running in my mind. Those are thoughts that should not be shared aloud. I will be judged by stereotypes. 

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