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Jul 11, 2012 | 2:04 AM | 2 comments
Dear blog,

From now onwards, I'm banning myself from saying these words.
HATE and I'll change it to DISLIKE.
UGLY and I'll change it to NOT MY TYPE.
Because hate and ugly makes a greater statement than just plain hate and ugly.

From now onwards, I'm banning myself from these emotions.
EMO and I'll find happy things to think of.
WORRY about backstabbers. I have thought these through and these brings me no where good. I am dropping these worries off my shoulder. Gazillion thanks to those who stood by me. I will not ignore it, but instead I'll analyze what I'm wrong about and I will correct myself. I shall ignore if and only if I did nothing wrong. If there's no space for me to improve myself among backstabbers, then I'll improve myself in my own space. Suddenly i'm a great philosopher. Tsk tsk tsk~

From now onwards, I'm banning myself from growing bad attitude.

Note to self : Love those that despises me because that's how I will notice my flaws.


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