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Happy Birthday to Moi
Jul 7, 2012 | 2:50 AM | 0 comments
I'm not happy.
But am glad that the bf is by my side.
My bestest bestie is busy as well.
Although she's not perfect but she's still my friend wholeheartedly. 
I need a rock shoulder to cry on.
Things has been sealed and kept for my friend to hear.
I need a long ruler to draw a straight line.
What have I just wrote!
Told bf every single detail on my daily events.
All he can do is comment and told me to reject. 
I simply CAN'T.
Need to learn from those who do well in reject.
Need to learn from those who knows how to stand still for themselves.
I am not weak. Why am I weak now!!!
I am never this emotional.
Was once a happy person but still as sensitive.
Never this emotional. 
Oh no..I blame no one but myself for these happenings. 
Dog passed away was under my will, people turning back against me was under my will too,
seeing bf lesser than 5 times in a year was under my will either.
Its all planned.
Where's the ups of my life?

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