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First Valentine's with BB
Feb 23, 2013 | 3:21 AM | 5 comments
It's our fourth Valentine's day this round and the previous Valentine's day I get to celebrate with him through skype or phone calls. Its lame I know but kinda romantic. At least I get to hear sweet words. Eheeee..So this year, I decided to make him a heartful breakfast with dessert. I know I damn sweeeet right....*self-praise mode ON*

My plan was wake up early to get fresh ingredients but turned out, BB was coming my house before I woke up. Failed max! =.=" Thought can give him a surprise breakfast. So then I told him to take his time while i rush to Giant to get the ingredients. When he arrived I was about to start. No surprise lah. 

I started peeling garlic and peeling potato skin in a dangerous way. According to BB, there is a proper way of holding a peeler while peeling potato skin. ISSSHHH!! As long as i can peel then can already lah. So he did most of the preparation in the end. I just do the simple work such as adding salt and spices. Damn hard okay! I even mistaken 1 tbsp salt as 1 tsp! Anyways, just cut to the chase and here's my masterpiece..

 photo IMG_20130216_1_zpse33d1dae.png
All heart shaped just for BB. Guess which one was over-salted.

 photo IMG_20130216_2_zpsbf860e15.png
Happy BB! =)

So after the warm breakfast, I get dolled up to head over One Utama for shopping and then dinner at T.G.I Fridays where we had our dinner on our first date. Eheee..To be honest, I took 3 hours to put on my make up and hair. BB waited for me while digesting the breakfast. I know its super long. Beginner ma...He is the one complaining I should put on some make up. So he shouldn't complain if i take too long to make up. But he didn't complain at all la. So, a happy me. =)

 photo IMG_20130214_18_zps35b756dd.png
TGI used crepe paper for decorations and I almost caused a fire there with the decorations.
The candle holder is too shallow for sure!! I panicked and I wanted to use my hands to put out the fire.

 photo IMG_20130216_5_zps1970a28a.png
Can see some of the deco are burnt. =.="

We were the first one to make reservation there and we got a strategic location for dinner. Yipee! When we finish our dinner, the queue outside TGI was a nightmare. Luckily I booked two weeks in advance. Kiasu a lil but I get to enjoy strategic seats. The lighting and ambiance was perfect la. I love it!! Except for the music though. I was expecting for some classic Rod Stewart's songs but instead they played current hits.

Okay, here comes the good food. Yummmm~~

 photo 6f18856a-4811-4fde-908f-69f0b34a50bf_zps211d75dc.jpg
For appetizer, I ordered Mozzarella Portobello Mushroom.

 photo 7651dd15-0c19-493d-be33-927b7cc8438f_zps41e365a3.jpg
BB ordered Deep Fried Mozzarella.

Both the appetizers were freaking tasty. Yummeh. We had fun eating the Fried Cheese there.
 photo IMG_20130216_9_zps7de41709.png
Who's cheese is the longest? BB's!!!

My main course is Grilled Salmon. I always order Salmon wherever I go. Because I read from an article that consuming deep sea fish is good for our hair. And hence, since then I eat salmon like mad. 

 photo 38782282-665a-45c2-ba5f-b53695d3a518_zps511dc6b7.jpg
Everything is yummy. My fave.

 photo 72b51cc4-cf37-4e20-a869-69519797c0f6_zps294773b5.jpg
Unfortunately, BB's steak was too raw and inconsistent.
But thanks to my tummy cuz I couldn't finish my salmon. =)

Desserts TIME!!!! BB's dessert tasted awful so no pictures taken cuz it looked ugly.

 photo f69f9be6-175e-491d-b050-e74fb7502544_zps2ac279c1.jpg
Walnut Chocolate Cake. Yummeh!!!

 photo IMG_20130216_6_zps89cb9462.png
See! Strategic right...Got Elvis background also!

 photo IMG_20130216_8_zps2c60b1e3.png

Many of our friends are expecting us to get married soon but no. For now all I want is to cherish the moment with him because, long distance relationship is tough and sad. Every moment with him now, are my treasure. =)
Happy Snake Year
Feb 14, 2013 | 3:03 AM | 6 comments
Hello everyone, as usual the 1st day of CNY will be breakfast with whole family including grandma, babies, cousins, aunts and uncles. Then, we'll head over to a relative's house to gather and collect angpaos. My favourite part of CNY.

 photo IMG_20130214_1_zps8b9f7f86.png 
Changed my casing into orange bunny. It has a freaking fluffy tail which idk where I dropped it. Should be somewhere in my bag i guess. 

   photo IMG_20130214_4_zpscefb6d2a.png
Very proud of my first peplum top from SEED. Most annoying thing of First day of CNY, when I was having breakfast at Old Town, I saw a skinny girl wearing the same top as me. WTH right?!?!!? My mom and me saw her. And guess what, my mom pulled out my cardigan and quickly cover me up with it. Funny adorable mom. Hahahahhaah!

 photo IMG_20130214_13_zpscdef877b.png
Baby Wei Lok. I can hug him forever and ever due to his cuteness. But sadly, he only hold on to his dad and mom. When I carry him, he'll start yakking like mad!! I have a trick to stop him from crying though. He loves mimicking me so, whenever he starts crying I'll start to be a clown. Easy right?

 photo IMG_20130214_15_zps22b3aef0.png
His mischievous act at relative's bedroom. Pretend to sleep, pretend to laugh, smelling his smelly pillow, rolling and tumbling etc. Cuteness overloaded!

 photo 539837_10151363400354471_1352648300_n_zps085b016c.jpg
For the second day of CNY, followed bf to Melacca for bai nian. To collect more angpaos and eat more food. Teehee. In BF's new car. He is very proud of his first wife. He basically drove it from Langkawi to Ipoh to KL to Seremban and to Johor. 

Had Nadeje mille crepe for dessert that night. It was 9.30pm when I thought of having mille crepe. Closing time was 10pm and we literally ran the whole Melacca searching for it. Not like its my first time having mille crepe, it was few years ago when I went there. And Nadeje even renovated and I think moved a few lots away from where it used to be. All that just for this mille crepe. Last cake on the display with Rilakkuma deco. 
 photo IMG_20130214_6_zps7e181af8.png
Great night indeed.

On the third day of CNY, we headed to Johor Bahru. Spent a night at bf's third aunt's place. Had a feast there with all the CNY cookies and peanuts. Broken another new year's resolution. Haiz~

 photo IMG_20130214_10_zpsbad6f97f.png
Its a tradition that every CNY must have Yee Sang. Where we mix all the colorful crispies and while mixing, we mention good wishes. Good wishes like :
  • Bou bou gou sing (Reach higher level at each step)
  • Shen tai gin hong (Healthy body)
  • Sang yi heng long (Something to do with business)
  • Man Si Yu Yi (All wish be fulfilled)
  • Dai Gat Dai Lei (Good luck and smooth sailing)
  • Qing Qun Mei Lai (Forever young and beautiful) *second most important*
  • kaching kaching kaching $$$$$  *most important of all*

On the fourth day of CNY, we went back to KL. I was nagging bf to bring me shopping at Kenanga Wholesale City but i found out it is closed for CNY. So we went Sungei Wang instead. And we found out there were only closed shops. BF said we go there to help Sungei Wang sapu lantai. =.="

 photo IMG_20130214_3_zpsf43b565d.png

 photo IMG_20130214_11_zpscec2504a.png
One benefit. Can get a tourist shot all by myself. Hehehehehehe..

 photo IMG_20130214_12_zps86fa81a9.png
Had Sushi King after shopping at closed shops. Sushi King was closing as well. After we placed our order, we can hear the staff unpacking all the ingredients from fridge. I think we had saliva dinner there. Hmm.

Day 5 of CNY is Valentine's day. After 4 years being with my love, I finally can celebrate it with him. Update more bout my Valentine's day soon yeah. 

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Party Like No Tomorrow
| 12:58 AM | 0 comments
Hey everyone, been a year since i last posted my my blog entry. Been spending most of my time figuring who I really wanna be and what are my life path. Already decided. So...Here I am again. Hehe..Back to my life.

So, I had a pretty dope night with all my bffs at Zouk on Ladies Night babeh. It wasn't my first time clubbing though. The first time was pretty sick I can still remember. It was with uni friends and remembered I rest my body on my bed at 7am in the dawn. Pretty sick huh. Anyways..I got extremely wasted that night. Not like I drank all the liquor, its because of the Flaming thing I drank. After a sip of flame, I felt numb at first. And then the rest of the night, I found out from my friends. HOW ON EARTH!!!! My friend said "We went to mamak, and you were sleeping as if you were dead". I'm like SHIAAATTT..I have no memory of mamak at all. How can i drink so irresponsibly right.

Then I managed to find a few pictures in my camera the next morning. Hangover till I had to skip class. Broke my new year's resolution already. DAMN!! Oh..Everyone was looking hawt and gorgeous that night except me. I don't know why. 

 photo IMG_20130209_7_zps58f06ce1.png
Baoly. SEEE!!!! Told ya she looked gorgeous. Ok enough praising.

 photo IMG_20130209_2_zpsf79205a1.png
Baoly with Alex. Man of the night. Wahooo..
That night was all about him and his jacket. Real intimacy!

 photo IMG_20130209_4_zpsba13f99d.png
I pretty much bloated since last year. Don't ask WHY!!
Love all of them here. 

 photo IMG_20130209_17_zps8aba7b0b.png
The pink shirt guy is Robson. Me and Baoly personally picked that shirt for him from Cotton On on the spot because he was wearing a tee full with hair. =.=" Anyone would know he just came out from hair cut for sure. Illegible to be Hottest guy.. in my list. *winks*

 photo IMG_20130209_9_zpsb28aec55.png
The hottie in red is Mei Zhen. Sexy back u got there huh~

 photo IMG_20130209_10_zps2c766a85.png
Spot our matching necklace? 
I was pretty surprised after all that shaking, my nubra was still on and my hair was still silky straight.

 photo IMG_20130209_15_zpse10d7cc9.png He had to cover his face because this is the only picture i looked okay. Yea. He had to. Why can't i get a decent picture like Baoly had with him!!

 photo IMG_20130209_18_zpse3790389.png
Ivan with the "I'm kawaii~~~" pose.
Okay, I wasn't drunk at all at that point k. My red eyes was from the sweaty forehead. Not kidding aite!
Its not sexy at all to wipe sweat while dancing. Therefore, the red eyes.

 photo IMG_20130209_19_zpsde8f0037.png
Doing the ice in the mouth challenge.

 photo IMG_20130209_22_zps1d22755b.png
YY another hottie of the night.

Conclusion is though I had some severe memory loss, I had a great time since the last time i wrote my last post. HAHAHA! Coming up is CNY post. Can't wait!!!!! 

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Jul 11, 2012 | 2:04 AM | 2 comments
Dear blog,

From now onwards, I'm banning myself from saying these words.
HATE and I'll change it to DISLIKE.
UGLY and I'll change it to NOT MY TYPE.
Because hate and ugly makes a greater statement than just plain hate and ugly.

From now onwards, I'm banning myself from these emotions.
EMO and I'll find happy things to think of.
WORRY about backstabbers. I have thought these through and these brings me no where good. I am dropping these worries off my shoulder. Gazillion thanks to those who stood by me. I will not ignore it, but instead I'll analyze what I'm wrong about and I will correct myself. I shall ignore if and only if I did nothing wrong. If there's no space for me to improve myself among backstabbers, then I'll improve myself in my own space. Suddenly i'm a great philosopher. Tsk tsk tsk~

From now onwards, I'm banning myself from growing bad attitude.

Note to self : Love those that despises me because that's how I will notice my flaws.

Happy Birthday to Moi
Jul 7, 2012 | 2:50 AM | 0 comments
I'm not happy.
But am glad that the bf is by my side.
My bestest bestie is busy as well.
Although she's not perfect but she's still my friend wholeheartedly. 
I need a rock shoulder to cry on.
Things has been sealed and kept for my friend to hear.
I need a long ruler to draw a straight line.
What have I just wrote!
Told bf every single detail on my daily events.
All he can do is comment and told me to reject. 
I simply CAN'T.
Need to learn from those who do well in reject.
Need to learn from those who knows how to stand still for themselves.
I am not weak. Why am I weak now!!!
I am never this emotional.
Was once a happy person but still as sensitive.
Never this emotional. 
Oh no..I blame no one but myself for these happenings. 
Dog passed away was under my will, people turning back against me was under my will too,
seeing bf lesser than 5 times in a year was under my will either.
Its all planned.
Where's the ups of my life?

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